The Shadow of Kimok

Throg’s Blade

200 years ago a war between nations came to a climax. The armies of Senra and Bellhurst stood at opposite ends of the Iron Meadow. Each side let out a rumbling shout, and the forces charged head-long at each other.

The roar of battle and a rain of blood covered the armies on each side. But then the warriors all unanimously stopped. Hurling toward them from the heavens was a great flaming blade.

The massive structure sliced into the ground, right in the middle of the battle. A cleft stretching for miles was left in the land, so deep that the sea filled in the gap.

Believers knew at once, Throg had punished them all for their waring ways. A truce was declared.

Now the kingdoms have begun to expand and explore. After all these years, the old conflicts ignite- do they not remember? Will they once again incur a god’s wrath?

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The Shadow of Kimok

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