Alden Warmund

a master alchemist with skeletons in his closet


Alden was always a gifted mind when it came to alchemy. His expertise landed him in an esteemed position within the Bellhurst Military. He was contracted to travel to the Frostburn Bay colony on Janunir. During his time there he had a startling run in with the Awakened, and saw one of the Permutatorian’s (“Kimoks”). It was here that he first discovered the blue potions and what they could do.

Sadly, his affinity for chemical experimentation lead him down some harrowing paths. Under Vulture’s guidance Alden’s experiments became increasingly dangerous and morally questionable- all the while he delved deeper into substance abuse. He nearly ended up rotting in jail, were it not for the help of a “kind” benefactor. If only he had know what Altrudeax’s real game was. Vulture assisted in getting Alden out of jail, but only to be stuck in a life of servitude. Under constant threat of death, or worse, Vulture used Alden to manufacture all manner of concoctions- including the very poison used to kill Vulnus and secure Vulture’s place on the Council.

Alden was contacted by the heroes, and is cooperating with them to find some way of staving off the blue potion’s effects, or harnessing them. But where do his allegiances lie?

Alden Warmund

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