Vulture (Vol`ture Altrudeax)


Vol`ture Altrudeax , perhaps better known as his street name – “Vulture” which is both a play on his own name, and proper assessment of his dealings—is a shrewd and ruthless businessman. He is a notorious opportunist, and is not afraid to operate on the wrong side of the law if it benefits him. He was once an associate of John (pierre phillipe, etc)- but there was a bad dealing between them several years ago. Within those years he has become a rather significant force within Caminus. He controls much of the business and crime in the slums and shipping areas.

Upon receiving word that his old rival John, and several important figures (hero party) were enroute to Caminus, Vulture sent an ambush party (including forced-servant Jaeger) to stop them.

Recently he became one of the Council of 12, after the sudden suspicious death of his predecessor Councilman Vulnus. Curiously he sided with the Hero party in the Council vote to supply the war effort. He’s pledge to keep an eye on the heroes— but to what end?

Vulture (Vol`ture Altrudeax)

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