The kingdom of Bellhurst.

Named for it’s first leader Bellhan. It spans the southern portion of Sacer Vicus.

It was formed when Bellhan broke away from his brother Sen. They disagreed over how to rule their people. Bellhan believed that there should be more balance of power, similar to the old gods- feeling their merger into Throg was to show that balance, but that no one man should rule.

Their differences eventually led to the first great war. Divine intervention ended the war and a period of peace followed.

Shortly before King Rygar rose to power the Bellhurstians began to shift their beliefs to those of the Elder Gods- Daz-Uglash and Kaldovar. They have adopted the motto “Progressio Eternos” and pride themselves on advancing science and technology.

Bellhust is comprised of a single land with multiple towns. It’s capital city is Caminus.

The recent discovery of the land of Janunir has lead to Bellhurst establishing a colony named New Cornham. Ths was done without knowledge of Senra’s colony.


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