(This is where our heroes’ story begins).

Freyford county is located on the north-western edge of Sacer Vicus. It belongs to the Kindgom of Senra.

There are four major settlements in Freyford:

Darrenshire- North-east, near border with Vioarrford. Heavily wooded- primarily a hunting/logging

Barrowmead – North-west, borders the sea- but elevated. home to the Barrow Cliffs, making it not suitable as a port town. Primarily farming.

Summerport – South-West, borders the sea. Primary port / trading area. Home to a station of the Royal Order of Senra.

Brightford Crossing – Central. A make-shift town, Serves as the major center for the exchange between the towns of Freyford. Located next to the StoneGlass lake which supports the permanent residents with fish.

Freyford is also the home to the entrance to Spirit Hollow.


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