The Kingdom of Senra

Named for it’s first leader Sen. The Kingdom stretches across the northern portion of the continent Sacer Vicus.

Sen had established the settlement with the hopes of uniting the people. Unfortunately he and his brother Bellhan disagreed over how to rule. Sen believed that the unity of the old gods into Throg was to symbolize the unity of people under one ruler, connected by the 6 tenets.

Senra is comprised of Freyford in the north-west, Vioarrford in north-central, and Ranford in the north-east.

Vioarrford is considered the center of the Kingdom- both geographically and politically. MossGrove is the capital city of Senra, stationed in the middle of Vioarrford. This was the original settlement of Sen and his followers.

Not long before our story, scouts of the Royal Navy discovered the new land Janunir. In an effort to explore and settle, Senra established the colony of Baywyn. They were not aware that Bellhurst was simultaneously establishing a colony.


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